First Baptist Church of Tumwater
Saturday, April 21, 2018
Building Better Communities

Who We are


"We are a Spiritual Community that seeks to know Jesus better."

This is what we are about and we want you to know Jesus as well. We believe this is done through authentic, grace-centered communities. Every Sunday morning we join together, worship, and study the Bible. Throughout the week we gather in smaller communities that seek to demonstrate God's grace through encouragement, support and fellowship. Through these two communities we experience grace of God and know Jesus better.

Our teachings are Baptistic. We work with churches like ours in the BNN and we work together nationally through a fellowship called the GARBC. You can see a summary of our beliefs in “What we Believe” and in greater detail in our “Statement of Faith”. We do not expect you to agree with us on every issue. It just provides a framework for understanding the Bible and creates unity among our members as we deal with problems of the day.

Do you want to know Jesus better? Are you looking for a place to call home? Visit us. We would love to meet you.


BNN (Baptist Network Northwest)

GARBC (General Association of Regular Baptist Churches)